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Jan 1, 2022 - Jan 31, 2022

Januarys 31 Day Butt Blast

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Your 31 days to a stronger pair of glutes 💪. Who does not want stronger glutes? You have one exercise or a combination per day to complete. There are 12 different exercises with a video to follow for the first 12 days which are then repeated as a progression or a combination. One exercise only takes between 3-6 minutes. On the final week you need a little longer each day. The progressions are optional so you can always repeat the original exercise if including the band or increasing the rep or combining them does not work for you. Your rest days are up to you. Skip a day to give the glutes a rest when you feel that they need it. Listen to your body! Tag your exercise onto a walk, run or equivalent. Please remember your Pilates principles and what we practice in class. Your breathing, abdominal engagement, pelvic floor. The control and flow of your movement. Your mind and body connection. I do want you to the think about your glutes that we are targeting but also Pilates movement too :) Do not try to rush through the exercises. I have a PDF/JPG to print out for your viewing as well - great to stick on the fridge. I can email to you - just ask :) Good luck and ENJOY. Keep me posted on how it is going. 💪 Coz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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