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PAYG, Block Bookings & Class Pass Options for MAT & MOTR Pilates group classes.

Choose your class pass then book your sessions in. The block booking options pre-book your slot for the half term. Book Online Here.

1:1 or 1:2 private Reformer Pilates sessions taught at my Hurley studio.

1:1 Pilates Therapy taught at my Hurley studio.


What is MOTR?

A portable piece of equipment using a roller and pulley system. You stand, kneel, lie, plank & sit on it. Using resistance it challenges the body and stability using core control. You will see & feel the difference in your body. 


Mat classes

Mat classes are based on the Pilates principles of breathing, centre, control, flow, precision & concentration. My classes are creative, suitable for all with adaptations & modifications for everyone.


1:1 & 1:2 Reformer Pilates

I have 2 Balanced Body clinical Reformer beds that have towers and turn into Benches, a Wunda Chair, TRX, MOTR and various other equipment. This allows for a huge variety of exercises. 

My 1:1 and 1:2 sessions are structured for the individuals attending, their bodies and ultimate goals. Many clients have injuries and are working towards less pain or no pain with much success. Others are fit & healthy looking to become stronger and more physically capable.  These sessions are one hour.

Feel free to read some testimonials on my page to see some of the lovely things clients have said.

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1:1 Exercise Therapy

The exercise therapy programme are for patients that have a specific injury or dysfunctional movement patterns. The therapy is designed to address these issues over a 6 week period to ensure the body is working efficiently.

Most patients are referred by consultants, physios, osteopaths, surgeons etc but this can also be self-referred. 

If you think a therapy programme is what you are looking for, please get in touch to discuss.

Feel stronger, increase flexibility, improve mobility

Do you want to improve your core strength by building from the inside out? Do you want to mobilise joints, stretch muscles, become more flexible all whilst connecting the mind and body? Then Pilates is for you!

Reduce pain, improve posture, re-balance muscles

Pilates re-balances muscles to help correct posture. Reduce and eliminate pain after injuries. Whether you are fit and healthy or in pain/injured, Pilates will work for you. Men, women, a seasoned Pro, new to Pilates, get in touch. Classes suit everyone. Pilates is for everyone!


Client Testimonials

Her 1:1 classes have allowed me to successfully rehabilitate after a back injury beyond belief. I could not have come as far as I have without her help. 
And finally she cares- to deliver the best class, to support everyone individually and to always encourage you even when you feel you aren’t as strong as you want to be. I owe her an incredible amount.


Coz is an amazing teacher and I would highly recommend her classes, especially if you like to be challenged. Each class is well planned and even though we’re currently living in a virtual world, Coz’s instructions and demonstrations are super clear and easy to follow. I feel amazing after.

Kate A

I love my fix of Corinne’s classes. They are always so varied and challenging, there is something for everyone at every level. Her expertise and passion for Pilates comes through in every class. I can highly recommend Corinne, her classes have become a way of life for both my mind and body!