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Pre-Recorded Full Mat

Pilates Classes

Below you will find thumbnails that will take you through to YouTube where you can watch the full class. These classes have been pre-recorded whilst Mat Classes have been taught since March 2020. They are all almost one hour long and are varied with different focuses and exercises. All are mixed ability and offer easy to follow instructions. You will notice for these classes that I come to the screen to offer adjustments and modifications but I hope that you are still able to follow easily with my explanation - just imagine that you are actually in the class


Please make sure you have space around you, a mat, relevant equipment, water and you listen to your body. Please take breaks when you need to, reset your abdominals’ and do not push through any pain.


You can click back to the main page here or find Shorter, Focused Classes on this pageReformer Classes here and Power Pilates here.

Pre-Recorded Full Mat Pilates Classes: Welcome
Power Pilates Classes: Exercise Videos
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